How to Use Mind Maps

How to Use Mind Maps

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Disorganized thoughts can lead to chaotic moments.  As a result, you may feel out of control.  Dominate these frenzied feelings and discover how to utilize mind maps.  Use this powerful tool to understand your ideas, overcome problems, and make better decisions.


Ways to Use Mind Maps

Mind maps have a variety of usages.  Multiple people use mind maps for a host of purposes, such as teachers, students, and varying careers.    However, the focus of this information examines how to use mind maps in your professional or personal life.  Examine the uses of mind maps below:

  • Generate ideas to create multiple suggestions. For example, you can use mind mapping to bring about ideas for a project.
  • Visualize data to illustrate information. Furthermore, you can use graphical representations of information to identify relationships between data.
  • Structure your thoughts to arrange ideas. In other words, you can re-arrange data after fleshing out your thoughts.
  • Classify information to order your thoughts. Mind maps let you group similar data.
  • Use as a study aid to assist in learning a specific subject. Explore and analyze information to learn a topic in depth.
  • Solve problems by working out complicated situations visually. For instance, focus on a specific question.  Use mind mapping features to diagram possible answers.
  • Make decisions to resolve difficult circumstances. Mind maps allow you to see the big picture.
  • Brainstorm your writing to compose lists of ideas. Practice using this tool to identify major topics, subtopics, and supporting data.



In conclusion, mind maps are powerful tools for change.  To accomplish goals, they can assist you in generating useful ideas.  Visually represented thoughts can be prioritized and rearranged.  Discover solutions to the most difficult problems by exploring the big picture with mind maps.

Mind Maps: Stop Being Disorganized and Improve Your Life

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Are you disorganized? Do you understand how mind maps can improve your life?  Free digital software mind maps can help you accomplish your goals. Throughout your professional and personal life, you have probably realized that the most successful people have some sort of structure. It does not matter if you are right-brain or left-brain. You can achieve your professional and personal goals using a mind map, which is an easy-to-use tool that has the power to improve your life.

What are Mind Maps

Represents Ideas

An online or software mind map provides features that allow you to record your thoughts intuitively. Furthermore, the program lets you represent information such as words, ideas, or tasks. Use these simple graphics to link related ideas. Likewise, you can arrange your thoughts around central concepts. This simple method can help you to organize every day jobs, responsibilities, or daily errands.

Organizes Information

Another benefit of the mind mapping tool allows you to prioritize your thoughts. For example, you can graphically arrange and re-arrange concepts. Or, you can group similar information. Digital mind maps allow you to simplify the identification of data using color coding techniques.

Centers Around One Single Concept

Mind maps are intended to highlight a single concept. For instance, a keyword or keyword phrase is placed in the center of the map. Then, related information is added horizontally. As a result, information is added as it appears in your mind. Afterwards, mind maps allow you to re-arrange information and prioritize concepts based on your order of importance. You can pinpoint the tiniest details by concentrating on one main idea.


In summary, mind maps can represent information, ideas, words, or tasks. You have the ability to organize information visually without doing so in a linear manner. Mind maps are based on one concept, which allow them to be powerful tools for change to improve your professional and personal life.

Universal Class Online Courses for Continuing Education Credit

Universal Class Key to Online Course Learning

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Personally, I love discovering educational resources. My experienced has caused me to realize that training allows me to understand new technologies.  These demands call for workplace learning to be continuous and lifelong.  Recently, I discovered a new site, Universal Class that has online courses that can be a great training resource for career professionals.

What is Universal Class

Universal class is an online company that is centered in McLean, Virginia. The site provides continuing education online courses that are totally focused on lifelong learning. At the time of this writing, it has over 500,000 global students. These learners tend to come from schools, libraries, companies, educators, and various individuals throughout the world. To get started, you need a high school reading and writing level. The site provides more than 500 online classes to choose from.

How Much Does Universal Online Courses Cost

After reviewing the site, I found it to be quite affordable. Right now, there is a special offer for new subscribers. For $189 a year, you can take as many courses as you want.  Yet, you are limited to signing up for a maximum of 5 courses at a time.

Accreditation for Universal Class Online Courses

Universal class has received accreditation. The International Association for Continuing Education Training also known as IACET.  This organization has authorized Universal Class to offer continuing education units (CEU) for each of its programs.

Reasons to Enroll in Online Courses

One feature that is nice about the online site is that it provides a course feedback structure. For example, students who take classes can track their work online. They have the ability to see their grades. Logs are provided so learners can monitor their progress. Furthermore, successful students get a certificate. Case in point, upon successful completion of each selected course, students will receive a notification that allows them to download a CEU certificate of course that verifies class completion.

CEU Certificate of Online Course Completion

The certificate will display the student’s final grade for the course. Learners can see the amount of continuing education unit credits they have earned. In addition, the certificate will show the hours students have invested in the class. For individuals who want a hard copy, they can order one, which is delivered via mail. However, this will incur an $8.95 fee. Learners desiring a downloadable digital copy can do so at no charge.


Universal Class provides an option for learners to increase their knowledge and skill set.  The site provides an affordable option that allows students to take unlimited classes at a low rate.  Once you successfully finish a course, Universal Class provides an accredited certificate of completion.  Click to review courses to improve your career at Universal Class.

PDF Files: Easy-to-Use Tool to Merge PDF Into One Document

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Why Merge PDF Documents Together

People are stomped about how to join multiple Adobe PDF, which represents portable document.  Many individuals try to copy and paste text from Adobe Portable Document files to Microsoft Word documents.  Oftentimes, this results in a visually unattractive file, which does reflect well on one’s professional brand.  There are free online software tools available to help you fix this problem.  In this short video, you can click to discover how to easily combine PDF files.  The software technology in this video is a free tool that is very easy to use.

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LinkedIn Building a Brand to Get Found by Employers

Image of LinkedIn How to Build a Professional Brand

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Do you want to reach more employers?  Is your goal to attract more clients for your business?  LinkedIn has tools that can help you reach more people.

Set Up a LinkedIn Profile

Discover how to set up a LinkedIn profile.  Find out what you need to do to attract a future employer.   Do not waste your time randomly entering data.  Customers tend to view unfocused profiles unfavorably.  To them, it can be a reflection of how you may conduct business.  Click to watch this video.  Understand how to develop a winning strategy that resonates with the type of person you want to connect with.

Creating a strategic profile is essential to connect with the right person.  Random profiles are filled with information that lacks clear purpose.  Narrow your focus.  This video will reveal simple techniques to get your LinkedIn profile started.  Click to watch this free video to create your LinkedIn profile today!  YouTube Preview Image

Get PowerPoint Free From Microsoft

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Users

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Package DownloadSometimes, working adults and students want a copy of PowerPoint. Adults with careers may want a new version. Students may need to the product to create school projects. Individuals with limited funds cannot afford the cost of the software product. Microsoft has made the PowerPoint product free to everyone worldwide. Anyone who wants the free Microsoft application software should watch the short video below. It will take less than two minutes to view. Click the video to see how to save money to get instant use of this product. Find out how to get Microsoft PowerPoint without paying a dime.  Read on and to learn how to get quick access.  See how to create free presentations.

Discover How to Get PowerPoint from Microsoft Free

Click to watch the video below. See how anyone with a computer or a mobile device can get an account. Sign up now to get create free presentation files. The best part is that the software is from Microsoft, not from a third party vendor. Get the PowerPoint software application at no charge by signing up for a free account. YouTube Preview Image

Reasons to Get Microsoft PowerPoint Free

Get many account benefits.  Find out how to create Microsoft presentations. Store each PowerPoint file online.  Download any presentation to a desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone, or laptop. Create online presentations that can be accessed on many devices while on the go. Use this online software, to create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that open with previous versions of PowerPoint presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint Review

Microsoft makes it easy for anybody wanting or needing PowerPoint to get it free. Access each file while on the go. Use this software product for convenience. Open and edit any presentation file by using a variety of technology devices like mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops. Watch the video above. Discover how to get Microsoft PowerPoint free today!

Microsoft PowerPoint: How to Create a Basic Presentation

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Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

Lately, I have met adult learners who are not familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint.  For instance, they do not understand what PowerPoint can do.  Secondly, they do not know how it can improve their communication.  This led me to create a basic tutorial that students can use to assist them to get started and create their first Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Click to watch the video tutorial. YouTube Preview Image

The Secret to Catching Document Errors Using Microsoft Word Text-to-Speech

Have you ever written a personal or professional business document that you did not want to read after you wrote it?  Were there times that you wrote a document and did not catch spelling mistakes?  Click to watch the short, approximately 2 minute video to discover the secret to catching grammar, spelling, and text errors using this handy Microsoft Word feature.

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Stop Killing Your Budget Get Microsoft Word for Free – Part 2

This article explains how to get Microsoft Word for free from Microsoft.  Is your budget tight?  Do you need Microsoft Word to improve your life or in the workplace?  Read on to discover the benefits of getting Microsoft Word for free.  Surprisingly, it comes from Microsoft.

Microsoft Word for Free Features

Create professional documents for the workplace and your personal life.  Improve documents with formatting.  Enhance each file with visuals.  Modify the page layout to guide readers.  Change Word views.  Collaborate on the go and share files with other people.

Microsoft Word for Free File Tab Features

The File tab allows has several useful features to open, create, and print documents.  Create new blank documents.  There are built-in templates to quickly produce:

  • Student reports
  • Timelines flyers
  • Planners
  • Photo calendars
  • Resumes
  • Memos
  • Gift certificates
  • Travel brochures

Quickly retrieve recently edited files from the open.  Every document can be downloaded.  Documents are automatically saved when the document is edited.  Generate PDF files by clicking the print button.  Collaborate with individuals and share information by inviting others to view and edit the file. Place a copy of the document on websites and other social networks, such as blogs using the embed feature.

Microsoft Word for Free Home Tab Features

Universal features on the Home tab are available when you get Microsoft Word for free.  Use the Undo group to:

  • Undo typing
  • Repeat typing

In the Clipboard group, basic commands allow for pasting information to the clipboard.  Select information to cut.  Click the Copy icon to place data on clipboard for later use.

On the Font group change the type.  Features in this area:

  • Increase font size to grow font
  • Decrease the font size shrink
  • Clear formatting to have plain text
  • Bold text
  • Italicize text
  • Underline text
  • Strikethrough the middle of text by drawing a line
  • Subscript to create small letters below the baseline of text
  • Superscript to create small letters above the baseline of text
  • Highlight text using color to create highlighter effect
  • Change text font color

The Paragraph group organizes text.  Features include:

  • Solid, Hollow, and Square bullets to make lists
  • Number, letter, Roman number bullets to make lists
  • Decrease paragraph indent
  • Increase paragraph indent
  • Center text alignment
  • Right text alignment
  • Left text alignment
  • Justify text alignment
  • Line options to modify spacing between text lines and space before and after paragraphs
  • Move text direction from left to right
  • Move text direction from right to left.

The Styles group alters the appearance of document text.  Some features that styles can change the appearance of text include:

  • Normal
  • Headings
  • Titles
  • Subtitles
  • Paragraphs
  • Clear formatting to have plain text

This free tool provides a Spelling group.  Features include:

  • Spelling
  • Spelling
  • Proofing language to set language for spell checking

An Editing group allows you to find and replace text.  Features provided are:

  • Find text
  • Replace text

Microsoft Word for Free Insert Tab Features

Under the Insert tab you have the ability to have groups related to pages, tables, pictures, links, and header and footer. The Pages group allows you to add a page break in the selected position of the document.

A Tables group is featured.  It allows tables to be inserted in the document.

Images can be inserted using the Pictures group.  These features allow the addition of:

  • Pictures
  • Clip Art

Hyperlinks can be created in Links group.  This feature makes links for images, email addresses, web pages, and programs.

In the Header and Footer group, text can be added to:

  • Headers at the top of the page
  • Footers at the bottom of the page
  • Page numbers

Microsoft Word for Free Page Layout Tab Features

This free version has a Page Layout tab which includes groups for Page Setup and Paragraph. The Page Setup group provides commands for margins, orientation, and size.

The Page Setup group Margin command modifies the size of margins.  Margin features can be:

  • Normal
  • Narrow
  • Moderate
  • Wide
  • Office 2003
  • Customize margins

The orientation area has features to switch the document between portrait or landscape.

Document sized can also be modified.  Choices of sizes include:

  • Letter
  • Legal
  • Executive
  • A4
  • A5
  • Custom page size

On the paragraph group, text can be moved to the right or left using indents.  Paragraphs can be adjusted for above and below selected paragraphs.

Microsoft Word for Free Share Tab Features

On the Share tab, people can be invited people.  Links can be obtained so the document is shared with specific people. The share area has the ability to reach out to contacts so that email can be sent to provide access to particular documents.  Space is available to type a note.  Users can opt to allow share links with recipients to edit or view a document.  Links can be publicly shared. You can also have an area where basically says anyone with this link.

How to Sign Up and Get Microsoft Word for Free

To save money and stop killing your wallet, watch this short, free video.  It demonstrates how you can sign up for Microsoft Word for free. A major benefit of this free option is that it is provided by Microsoft.

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Stop Killing Your Budget Get Microsoft PowerPoint for Free – Part 1

Many people are looking for work.  Yet, they must improve and maintain their professional technology skills.  PowerPoint is presentation software desired by career changers or individuals seeking employment opportunities.  They may ask “how can I get PowerPoint without killing my budget?”  This article shows you how to get PowerPoint free.

Use Microsoft PowerPoint for Free to Add Charts

Use PowerPoint to add charts.  Charts can graphically represent data in a variety of areas.  Using the free PowerPoint tool provided by Microsoft, you can make different types of charts.  For example, presentations can include bar charts, pie charts, and trend charts.  Viewing audiences can benefit from viewing charts when they need to understand a large amount of data.

Use Free Microsoft PowerPoint for Free to Add Tables

Another object you can add to PowerPoint is tables. PowerPoint allows you to show columnar tables with rows. Furthermore, you can view or show data comparisons during presentations.  Tables are great for viewing a set of data for analysis.

Use Free Microsoft PowerPoint for Free to Add Images and Graphics

Last, this free PowerPoint software allows your presentations to include images and graphics.  Although its credit cannot be paid to who originated the statement, it said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  For example, use digital images to illustrate an abstract idea.  Demonstrate how to complete a process by representing in with step-by-step slides. Communicate the tone of your presentation using graphs and images.

How to Sign Up and Get Microsoft PowerPoint for Free

To stop killing your wallet, watch this free, approximately 1 minute video.  It demonstrates how you can sign up for PowerPoint free from Microsoft. A major benefit of this free option is that it can open almost any version of PowerPoint presentation.

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